• VMA 2012 Beyonce gagne "Best Editing" Music Video Award

    Un grand bravos à la queen Beyonce qui a gagné "Best Editing" Music Video Award pour la chansson, "Countdown". Congratlaitons!

    VMA 2012 Beyonce gagne "Best Editing" Music Video Award avec "Countdown"

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    Mercredi 7 Novembre 2012 à 04:37
    Guys, whether she faked pgaenrncy or not,who even cares?!?!Ok so the blanket is black instead of blue or pink or whatever so what?!You all talk about them being attention whores and pimping out their child for the media, but yet y'all still stay there typing shit and giving them that saaame attention.If you don't care, forget commenting and start acting like you don't care. Shiiiit.It could be a human baby or a frikkin baby born in that blanket, which ever it is, it's not doing shit for our lives so get a grip, stop being so damn negative and focus your energy on something more relevant (since it's all a publicity stunt according to you guys annnyywaaays )For what it's worth, I do hope that there Blue Ivy is wrapped up nice and warm in there, and that Bey and Jay are just being as protective as any new born parent would be ESPECIALLY since they are high profile celebs being shadowed by the paparazzi 24/7.
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